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  • Madison Monday Minute:Your Chamber News
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  • March 13th - 19th, 2017


    CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon Patch & her staff on their 5th year in business!


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    Congratulations to the Lady Bulldogs and GOOD LUCK at State this week!!

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    Congratulations to the Bulldogs and GOOD LUCK at State this week!!

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    President DSUpdate | March 10th, 2017 (Click Here)


    Chamber Committee Meetings

    Recreation and Tournament Committee
    Wednesday, March 15th-12:00 PM at Pizza Ranch of Madison

    "This committee designs and coordinates Chamber activities which promote and increase community participation/involvement. The activities are designed to develop and enrich relationships between the general public as well as engaging in fun competitions."

    All Members and Member Employees are encouraged to attend any of the Chamber Committee Meetings


    Chamber Board of Directors Meeting
    3rd Thursday of the Month @ 7am
    The next meeting will be:
    March 16th in the Depot Community Room


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    Registration Form

    Mark Your Calendars


    For a complete listing of the events in the Greater Madison Area visit: http://chamberofmadisonsd.com/Events

    Please provide calendar of events information for the upcoming week
    by Friday for timely posting to:
    coordinator@chamberofmadisonsd.com or director@chamberofmadisonsd.com


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  • Saturday, April 8, 2017 9:00 am start

    Cost: $20/player (make checks payable to Madison Volleyball)           
    Where: Madison High School Gym

    ** Must have a minimum of 2 males and 2 females per team              
    **Winning team will win back ½ the cost of their entry fee!**

    Mail payment and order form to: Jill Kratovil
    By March 24, 2017
    830 NE 9th St.
    Madison, SD 57042
    Phone:  605-881-6127
    Email: Jill.Kratovil@k12.sd.us

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    Lake County Pro Pheasants 35th Annual Banquet
    March 28th: 5-10PM @ Nicky's
    Tickets can be purchased from Nicky's, John Greene Art Studio, LCPP members, or at the door the night of the event


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  • Welcoming all visitors and residents to #DiscoverTheUnexpected

  • Eric Hortness | Executive Director
    Courtney Storm | Promotions & Committee Coordinator
    Danielle Manthey  | Office Manager

    Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce
    315 S. Egan Ave. | Madison, SD  57042
    605-256-2454 | www.chamberofmadisonsd.com
    Mission Statement – ‘To promote our members, the community,
    and economic development, resulting in a better quality of life.'

  • Upcoming Events Upcoming Events

    315 S. EGAN AVE. | MADISON, SD 57042

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  • MISSION: "to promote our members, the community, and economic development, resulting in a better quality of life."

    FRIDAY 8:00AM-4:30 PM